Tonewheel LP

by âtƒ

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TONEWHEEL is a rap tape featuring JACK WILSON, DARKOTHESUPER, and new ATF remixes.

©2013 ATF Sound


released April 16, 2013

played, programmed, mixed & mastered by ATF

raps by




all rights reserved


âtƒ Michigan

©2017 ATF Sound

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Track Name: Love Gives You Wings feat DARKOTHESUPER
Took a walk and passed your house late last night/ all the shades were pulled way down tight/ from within the dim light cast two silhouettes on the shade/ oh what a lovely couple they made/ put his arms around your waist held you tight/ kisses I could almost taste in the night/ wondered why I'm not the guy who's silhouettes on that shade/ I couldn't hide the tears in my eyes that day/ maybe cos I'm too afraid to say what I feel/ played it out in my mind reel to real/ only if me and satan made a deal/ maybe she'll be mine/ write her lines of poetry like Knox overstreet to Chris Noel/ dive deep inside my soul/ that I don't wanna sell/ lost control and rang your bell/ I knocked and knocked till two strangers said to my shock/ you're on the wrong block/ rushed down to your house with wings on my feet/ to declare my love for you my sweet/ asked if you would go with me to be two silhouettes on the shade/ for the rest of our days/ and to my surprise she replied with a kiss/ I could've died with her lips on mine/ she taught me how to fly cos we all have wings but some of us don't know why/ now were fingerprinting with the open sky

Nothing's better than love it's a hell of a drug/ it's hallucinating ways got me lost in this maze
Track Name: Duke Togo feat JACK WILSON & DARKOTHESUPER
DARKO's verse:

Rappers got sugar in their tail pipes/ I come through in the pale night/ outa sight/ flipping words like Vanna White/ the super in spandex tights/ the back of the cape say Darko/ questioning reality like don waun demarco/ all these fingers twist the knobs proper/ hob Knobber feel em in yah heart chakra/ not a chart topper/ which dart shot yah/ start shit stopper/ be a smart shopper/ and buy this limited cassette/ after your done being hustled pass the mic off to the left/ Wild West style fest/ y'all best to duck down/ fresh to death pencil neck from Tebet to bucktown/ heard he went underground to conduct his experiments/ eat a rapper a day and sell the muffed up excrements/ in increments you know the regiment give him the microphone instrument or face detriment/ straight out the Old Testament/ no fear of god only the devil/ every time he sees a duke logo he trembles/ the rebel out to clear the slate/ in all the nearest states/ free steady b/ don't settle for normalcy/ the mainstream breeds mediocrity and banality/ leave wack emcees with a fatality/ thinking its all about salary/ get back to life back to reality/ stapling Malcolm x to my wall/ I don't believe in the law like Steven Segal/ win lose or draw I'm a flip up the loops and keep it raw
Track Name: Gratitude feat DARKOTHESUPER
Darko the heart cold super bet he flew from the cookoo's nest/ like McMurphy in a Knick's jersey/ words seem to flow threw me/ kicking wack rappers in their ovaries/ pull a card from the jokers deck/ acting hard cos they're smoking sess/ wouldn't weigh a dart soaking wet/ I'm coming live and direct/ without a nine or a tech/ go insane counting all the rhymes that I said or the times I catch wreck/ coming with the flavor/ I'm only nineteen and I know all the words to mic manipulator/ rappers are in danger stepping in my chamber/ all up on my light saber while Im rocking a stage/ repping abstract to the grave/ as I travel through the maze/ in a daze/ in rare form when I'm air born/ teleport off to the next chapter/ in debt to Zappa and all my heroes/ the best rapper or just another weirdo/ hear no evil/ fear slowed the evolution of people/ flip the beat switch the easel/ a dream well spent/ yah mean hell bent/ heavens scent less apprentice/ sitting by the window sketching