Dwarf Nebula - The ATF Remixes

by âtƒ

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DWARF NEBULA (aka DARKO THE SUPER aka DOC HELLER) was traveling through space at hyperspeed when he collided with ALL THESE FINGERS, causing a massive galactic explosion that released subatomic cosmic debris to be strewn throughout our solar system, only to be collected and restructured by unknown hands. This album is what remains of that long forgotten incident.

remixed from the album "I Feel Big As A Damn Mountain"

©2013 ATF Sound


released February 8, 2013




all rights reserved


âtƒ Michigan

©2017 ATF Sound

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Track Name: Planet Hopper (ATF remix)
MC's you don't want it with me/ y'all be living on front street/ I'll turn your brains into lunch meat/ y'all be sweet like taffy/ your raps be candy yelling that dapper dandy/ I be bumping blue randy/ fancy that/ it's the cat with nine lives and fly rhymes/ dwarf no source/the space cadet you see up on the set/ word bet/ on the loops we mad fresh/ be swank like sex/ to the bank with the checks/ hit em with the raw shit on deck/ back in the flesh/ it's the nebula live and direct/

The planet hopper funky as your gym locker/ the panty dropper/ sunny lane in a nurses costume and I'm the doctor/ shock therapy, blaring beats in a Chevy Malibu/ rolling up on pretty girls like how are you/ shake off your boots and get loose cos I got the juice/ and I got the bug/ and I got something better than love/ cut up the rug up with them fire ants in yah pants/ not the same song and dance/ still something old and dirty/ go all night long or at least till twelve thirty/ word b it's dwarf nebula on the scene/ freaking the mic piece and the beats/ like the Isley's between the sheets but this that sounds of love A to Z
Track Name: Decapitated Laughing Face (ATF remix)
It's dwarf neb/ leave a hole in your forehead/ reverse that/ I'll curse at you players worse than Marty shotenhiemer/ the naughty rhymer/ dwarf the crimestah/ ex-forty Niner/ fuck you and whoever signed yah/ mind the gap/ y'all blind in fact/ raised on swine and fat/ can't buy time/ a dance with the devil'll cost you your mind/ and your soul/ never grow old or tired/ like the vampire drenched in gasoline and fire/ your sire lied/ brain dead consumers with their buyer guides/ why'd yah have to set trip the wire guy/ now look what they done like Vim/ pointing at the one in the reagon mask like it was him/ world fill with sin to the brim/ and they play it like sims/ overflowing, no hope for the broken Trojan/ bad omens/ losing focus/ the lowest of lows/ strike a pose and vogue/ sell em back their lard with soap/ the false hope strangled and mangled your brain/ dancing in steleto shoes taking everything in vain/ making me go insane/ try to put me in chains I'll come back reincarnated as rain/ bring the pain and devastation/ as they stare lost in amazement/ disappointment on their faces, Decapitated
Track Name: Satan's A Bitch (ATF remix)
Bumped into this cat from around the block he always asks if I need some rock/ I told him no cracks wack and dopes a joke/ I feel bad for his folks/ the local hobo sucking on glass dick/ always talking mad shit/ at the chicken spot trying to bum a cigarette/ last time I was ripping shop, told the bum try nickarette/ he still ain't listen yet/ the town drunk who always got something to sell/ asked him where he's from once he told me hell/ he said its fine and dandy/ every Halloween he tries to steal the kids candy/ hides in the bushes, jumps out and scares em/ and even then most people ain't caring/ it goes on like this each and every year/ I swear the bitch runs off of pure fear/ they call him lucifer satan or the devil/ heard his favorite genres pop country and heavy metal/ and of course wack rap music cos he's fucking stupid/ tries to act cool and hit the teens weed/ heard he was in a porno once talking bout the sweet peach/ but some people like me don't know what to believe/ close your eyes and see for yourself/ the he she dwells in the mind and seeks out health/ wants it destroyed till your souls null and void/ so if the devil asks you to dance tell him to fuck off/ kick him where his balls would be and go back to your dust off/ know satans a bitch and God will always love y'all
Track Name: 9th Grade Love (ATF remix)
This for all the cutie batooties with nice big booties up in the movies I lust after/ she said she don't date rappers/ I said that's cool cos I'm a true emcee/ and the way you move be making me crazy/ asked her out she said maybe/ tripped out for a while then I asked what's that mean/ she said its a no I just ain't wanna be mean/ well whatever that's your lose girl/ could've took you to dwarfs world/ had you rocking pearls with your skin all golden/ sitting by the beach sun soaking/ but I hope you have fun with that douche from sports team, could've been dwarfs queen/ but go ahead live your dreams/ no more morphine for me please/ we'll forever be fourteen in my memory banks/ all yah left me so let me give thanks/ probably laugh at me with your friends all at my expense/ while I pitch a tent in bed with you on my head/ can't wait till I get over you with a sober view, I hope that queer that your with/ breaks your heart and you jump off a cliff/ you fucking bitch/ passing me by like the pharcyde/ can't believe I thought of suicide over this ho'/ and just like Brenton wood I'm the one who knows
Track Name: Nebula (ATF remix)
Dwarf Neb got next/ the one with the froze neck/ bumping Joe tex/ in a jeep Cherokee/ blaring beats by doc heller/ my acapella could chop a fella to mozzerella/ then put him back together all/ while using his brain as a tether ball/ not in it for the cheddar y'all/ or the bread/ more for analyzing heads/ stop rhyming to the Feds with your drunk friends/ fuck judge dread/ living in strange days with a loop pedal/ don't choose the devil/ must be into that new metal/stacking up on water and fruity pebbles/ flexing on em/ young Frankenstein resurrected on em/y'all dead and loving it like Dracula as Leslie Nelson/ dwarf Neb give em something to feel son/ spaced out like captain rock/ I'm at the spot about to blast off/ y'all claiming to be hard but really mad soft/ I'm intergalactic like the beastie boys/ crushing all your as seen on tv toys/ you little girl/ welcome to my little world/ nebula

While you were fucking the prom queen/ I was in my room sampling soft machine/ busting ill verses over phat beats/ as I plea insanity jumping out the window with humanity